Majnun Ben-David

These are just a start, many more to come.

A fantastic French translator
Cynthia Laborde

A compendium of literary magazines covering all genres

Some up-and-coming writers
       Alethea Black: Chronicles of memorable characters struggling to communicate in this complex world.

Jan Ellison: hard to characterize her fiction, but it’s good, and often involves modern tales of men and women navigating relationships.

       Ryan Griffith: he tells complex stories and creates vivid images in amazingly few words, like this.

Natalie Vestin: “the beauty and fallibility of the human body, the intricacies of movement and dance, and other science-related topics.”

Some up-and-coming online literary magazines
       Little Fiction: beautifully designed stand-alone short stories.

Sundog Lit - Scorched Earth Literature: “navel-gazing is not our thing.”

       WhiskeyPaper: “drink words.”

Hand-bound indie books
Tiny TOE Press / The Open End