Majnun Ben-David
25 Word story - Nail Polish
       It’s my infinitesimus opus: a 25-word tale published online in Nailpolish Stories (“A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal”). The challenge of the journal is to tell a story in exactly 25 words and title it with the name of a nail polish. The editor and founder, Nicole Monaghan, realized that all the crazy and creative names for nail polish colors constituted an untapped source of story ideas. Personally, I was taken by the challenge of trying to tell an actual story in just 25 words, a story with a beginning, middle, and end, along with at least some sense of conflict and resolution. The result is entitled “Check Me Out” and was published online in the August 2012 issue of Nailpolish Stories. And yes, “Check Me Out” is the name of an actual nail polish, by L’Oreal as it happens, and is the polish in the above photo (all about the accuracy).

“Check Me Out”
by Majnun Ben-David
       Temporarily abandoned cart disrupts checkout line, snarky remark readied. Offender revealed as dark beauty, remark shelved. Peace through beauty? No, I’m just shallow he decides.

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