Majnun Ben-David

Je Suise Charlie

The attack today in Paris is an attack on all who write. I stand with Charlie Hebdo.

One way to make a real difference is to subscribe to Charlie Hebdo, whether you can read French or not. In the United States, you can do this quite easily via Amazon here Or you can subscribe from anywhere (I think) at

Subscribing to Charlie Hebdo is a concrete way of supporting freedom of expression over violent oppression.

For those offended by Charlie Hebdo, my suggestion is to respond to them in kind: draw cartoons of them. Write satire about them. Match pen for pen.

For those of faith concerned by Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of religion, I would suggest that God is not threatened by cartoonists.

Shooting those who mock you is a sign of weakness, not strength. And it is not effective. Until today, I had not paid much attention to Charlie Hebdo. Now I am a subscriber.

No voices were silenced today. They were made louder.

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