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Check This Out: Science Love Letters

There are, I am convinced, more connections and similarities between science and literary writing than generally recognized. Having said that, I confess that I have rarely been moved by efforts to combine the two. So I was happily surprised to come across the very awesome Science Love Letters, a collaboration between the scientists/artists/writers E. A. Farro and Natalie Vestin.

Science Love Letters presents beautiful drawings and lyrical text in the form of weekly entries revolving around different topics/terms in science (e.g., Taxonomy, Muscle Memory). It does not require any knowledge of science to appreciate. At the same time, if you should happen to have prior experience with, say, acetabulae, you will get even more of a kick out of it. It is not didactic.

It's beyond me to sum up or describe
Science Love Letters in any detail, so I'll just say that it's wonderful and you should go check it out. It's completely free and very bite-sized. I really hope they keep adding more letters and/or get a publisher to produce it in book form (ala the excellent "Dear Data"). I know a number of people who'd be eager to buy copies.

Disclaimer: I have exchanged a few messages with Ms. Vestin on Twitter, but I otherwise have no connection with her or Dr. Farro. This entry on their collaboration was entirely unsolicited and unprompted.
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