Majnun Ben-David

Juxtaposition: The Old Man and the Sea & The Young Man and the Hood

I will sometimes find two very short pieces of writing, usually excerpts from longer works, that strike me as interesting if juxtaposed. Here's one that I call "The Old Man and the Sea & the Young Man and the Hood". Click here to see the full post...

Phrases I Liked: Berit Ellingsen

Periodically I will read a few short stories by a contemporary author, usually one relatively close to the beginning of their (published) writing career, and post a few favorite phrases.

The author in this case is
Berit Ellingsen, who does a good job of describing herself on her website here, which means I don't have to.

Now for some phrases I really liked in her stories ...
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A New Horizon (and Website)

       Welcome to my new and improved online home! As always, there’s still more to be done, especially in the foreign language departments, but you can look around without fear of anything falling on you. We’ve got stories (a few), photos (some), and links to send you off to other cool places.
       But this new website is more than just rearranged electrons. It represents my renewed commitment to engage with the online community of writers, editors, and literary magazines. To take the stories I’m writing and get them out into the world. I think it’s time.